What are the benefits of sex ?

Regular sexual activity is a basic rule for a successful couple. Apart from psychological enhancement, sex has a positive effect on physical health. What are the reasons to have sex? 

Psychological and mood-enhancing benefits 

The enjoyment of sex is the result of hormone secretion. One hormone in particular is involved in the expression of good mood. It is serotonin, which is strongly released during sexual intercourse. It is at the origin of the state of satisfaction and good mood that intimacy with one’s partner brings. Having regular sexual intercourse therefore produces a large quantity of this hormone in the blood. It is an excellent remedy against depression. 

In addition, many studies have proven that sex effectively stimulates neural activity. It contributes in a certain way to the improvement of memory. This information is just as valid for young people as for people over 50. As long as you have your partner, there is no point in depriving yourself. 

The physical health benefits of sex 

We will never finish praising the merits of a good sex party especially for health. In particular, they are very beneficial for the immune system. In fact, having sex often enough increases the production of cells that defend the immune system. It is the best way to recover energy, if you feel tired. 

In addition, it is worth mentioning that sexual intercourse has an important role in improving heart health. It increases the heart rate, circulates more blood, and in some way muscles the heart. 

During sex, sucking on your partner’s breasts should not be overlooked either. This is a fairly natural way to fight breast cancer. The benefits of sex are many. Therefore, it is better to have sexual activity at least once a week to maintain better health.