The usefulness of sexting in the sexual development of a couple

Many people underestimate the great usefulness of words to spice up the sexual life in a couple. With new technologies, sexting has become a safe and reliable way to keep the flame of love alive, but also of sexuality. What is the use of sexting in the sexual development of a couple?

Sexting: messages that keep the desire alive

In a simplified way, we can define a sext as a message that we send to our partner to talk about sex. It is an ingenious way for long-distance couples to maintain the desire around their sexual relationship. With a sext, it is easy for an individual to arouse sexual desire in their partner. It is a safe and effective way to say how much you want to be together in a moment.

Sexting keeps the other person’s desire alive. The desire to have your partner all to yourself and to do “adult things” to them. A fiery message with explicit stickers usually does the trick. To push the delirium a little further, many couples do not hesitate to make love by text. It sounds surreal, but it’s a real turn-on when each partner does his or her part. A text can even have a visual character: photo or video.

Visual sexting to raise the temperature

Sexting can be a simple text message, but it can also have a daring visual character to push the partner to be in “all his states”. Still called “nudes”, the pictorial sexting that represents a body part or sex itself has the reputation of being quite explicit and very advanced in order to give the sexual desire to the other. These sextos can even be videos.

We speak of sex tape to name a sex video. It is a little too daring idea sometimes but in the intimacy of a couple, a sex tape can be a source of sexual fulfillment for a couple. By respecting the codes related to the art of pleasing the other visually, one can make the moment cult through a video that lasts only 2 or 3 minutes. Video sexting raises the temperature.