The main signs of hypersexuality

Hypersexuality is in no way beneficial to the person suffering from it. It is a state of psychological disorder that leads a person to commit unexplainable acts. How do you detect the signs of hypersexuality? 

Paraphilias: A fairly large category of sexual deviance 

There are three main categories in which so-called excessive or deviant sexual behavior is classified. Paraphilias are the first of these categories and include pedophilia, voyeurism, sadism, frotteurism, masochism, fetishism and exhibitionism. These are all sexual practices that demonstrate that a person is suffering from hypersexuality. 

Paraphilias are therefore entirely abnormal sexual behaviors according to the rules of society. They force a person to have unusual fantasies or to have sex with lifeless objects. For this reason, someone with paraphilia may feel aroused when they hurt their partner or have sex with an animal. 

Impaired control of sexual impulses 

In addition to paraphilias that cause a person to have sex outside the norm, there are other signs of hypersexuality. These are sexual behaviors that lead a person to perform uncontrolled acts towards their partner. Nymphomaniacs, who can’t stop having sex all the time, fall into this category. 

As long as the person hasn’t acted on it, he doesn’t feel happy. Even though he knows it is harmful to him or his partner. Sometimes a person with sexual impulse control disorder may feel remorse. However, these cases are rare. 

What are the consequences of hypersexuality?

Sexual desire disorders and paraphilia are not without consequences for those who suffer from them. Indeed, this act reveals a character of extreme dependence. The people who practice it have difficulty in holding a stable couple life. Many of them get divorced, are subject to debts and develop alcohol and drug addictions without forgetting sexually transmitted infections.