All about the male condom

Still known as the condom, the male condom is an excellent means of contraception. It is also used in the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases. What should I know about the male condom?

Its effectiveness

When used properly, the condom is effective in over 95% of cases. Unfortunately, when it is used incorrectly, failures amount to more than 15%. It is therefore recommended that condoms be used for all sexual encounters and at any time during your partner’s menstrual cycle. It is also necessary to train regularly to know how to put it on and take it off. To avoid tears, it is also advisable to use lubricant to facilitate a smooth penetration. In addition, you can combine the condom with another form of contraception to avoid unwanted pregnancies.

For those who are allergic to latex, the main component of male condoms, there are a few polyurethane ones that do not produce allergies. The condom is the only way to avoid sexually transmitted diseases and infections. It is therefore not only a method of contraception. 

Advantages and disadvantages of the male condom 

The advantages of the condom are numerous. Indeed, it makes it possible to prevent STDs. It can be used by most people. They can be found in many places such as pharmacies, vending machines, gas stations, etc. Moreover, it is not expensive and does not require a medical prescription when it is sold over the counter. Moreover, like the female condom, it can be used in addition to other contraception. 

As for its disadvantages, they are of various kinds. For that, its use must be controlled because it can tear at any time. This tear can be caused by the poor quality of the condom, when the packaging is damaged, when it has been exposed to heat, etc. In addition, the condom can alter the quality of sexual intercourse through the loss of a certain spontaneity before penetration.